Midterm Season

Last week was midterm week here. Back home midterms vary depending on classes and most of the time they aren’t as intense as finals, but midterms here are a different story. We have a whole week off from classes during midterms. Any student you would see on the street was studying. I would see students on the subway going through their notes and I would even see students walking on the street while studying. So, like any other student here, all I did for about 2 weeks is study.

In order to keep my studying interesting though, I went to different cafes throughout the week. I was still exploring what Korea has to offer, but in a responsible way to keep up with my studies (:

Enjoy some of the pictures I took of a couple of the cafes that I studied at!

Cafe Aneuk EntranceIMG_3321IMG_3270Cafe Aneuk Dutch Coffee with Ice CreamIMG_3271IMG_3323IMG_3322Cafe Aneuk View 1IMG_3324IMG_3328IMG_3378

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