Stranger Things Pop-Up

During the five months that I have been in Korea I have come across MANY pop-up displays or stores, it seems like every week there’s a new pop up in the basement of the Hyundai department store in Sinchon. Most of the pop-ups display things that are trending at the moment. For a few weeks, there was a pretty big pop-up of Toy Story 4 products, everything was very cute! Towards the end of June, I got a direct message on Instagram from my brother, and he told me about a new pop-up for the Netflix show “Stranger Things” in Hongdae, which is only a 30-minute walk from where I live. My friend and I immediately decided to go, because where else would we get the chance to go to a free pop-up like that in the US? Never. Once we got there, we noticed that there weren’t a lot of people, but we realized our mistake when we got to the place to register and take a place in line. We were told it would be a 3-hour-and-30-minute wait to go inside. We were shocked, but still wanted to go. We had nothing to worry about though, we spent our time walking around, doing some shopping, and hung out at a cafe. Once it was our turn to go into the pop-up, we were pretty excited. The art in the place was amazing! Here are some of the pictures…

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